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About Me

San Marino born, Italian raised...NYC forged.

In 2008 I left it all behind. My family, my friends, everything I had, all to start a new journey, "The American Dream.” I moved to Brooklyn with nothing but some clothes, my passion and determination.

My passion for fitness started at the young age of 12 when I was trying to get in shape for my first motorcycle championship. At that time I was underweight compared to the other riders. The goal was to build enough muscles to meet the mandatory weight (rider+motorcycle). I hired a coach and we did it! I developed right away  a passion for bodybuilding and all of the science behind it. 

I’ve always  been  extremely disciplined and competitive  in every sport I have played. I am driven to get to whatever goal I set for myself and for whomever I work with. I can now combine my experience with my training methods, adapting my routines to a variety of demands.

In June 2018, guided by the amazing Christopher Barakat, I was able to win my first  Men’s Physique competition, the INBF/WNBF Hercules. 

I am constantly striving to expand my knowledge throughout continuing education,  practical application and learning experiences.

My Goal is to drive the people I am surrounded by to their maximum potential in both physical and mental.

Today, I am the Owner of DKO FITNESS EXPERIENCE


A few of my weaknesses:

Motorcycles - Cars - Nutella 


NYC Skyline BW
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