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What are the prices for the services from you provided?

Contact me directly to know my different options.

Do you offer meal plans?

I do not offer meal plans. I provide you with the macronutrients target based on your specific goal.

I am not a licensed Dietitian or Medical practitioner. All information shared is based on education, personal experience and research. This is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or disease. These are all recommendations given by Andrea Iwanejko. You should consult with your physician before beginning any new program.

Where do you offer in person training sessions?

I am based in Los Angeles. If you live outside LA or outside the US but would like to work with me, just contact me directly to know more about my traveling coaching rates.

How does ONLINE COACHING work?

After an initial consultation and assessment through a video-call or email, I will provide you with a customized training plan based on your specific goal, the macronutrients target intake with all of the tools necessary to start your fitness experience with me. You will have weekly check ins with me, that are going to determine the need or not of any adjustments in your training and/or nutrition. You will have unlimited Q&A with me for the entire duration of your journey. The payment will be on a recurring base every 4 weeks. Online coaching can be interrupted at any time but REFUND IS NOT AVAILABLE. 

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