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The Savickas Press

The Savickas Press or "Z" press, was created by Žydrunas Savickas, powerlifter and multiple time World's strongest man (2009-2010-2012-2014).

Like the barbell overhead press and the Arnold press, the Savickas press is a great variation to add in your training program.

What makes this exercise more challenging than a conventional vertical press?

1) Absence of leg drive (zero momentum)

2) Absence of trunk support (you need to have abs of steel)

If you really want to challenge your core...well you might want to consider it.

How to perform?

1) Get in a squat rack (if you see someone else doing bicep curls in it, kick him/her/they out)

2) Set the bar at chest height

3) Have the bar in front of you, not behind you

4) Sit on the floor with your legs in a V position while maintaining your torso in an upright position (keep your core as tight as you can)

5) Grip the bar as you normally will do for any other overhead press variation;

6) Un-rack the bar and press it vertically, maintaining a tight core

7) Complete your first set with just the barbell, making sure that technique is on point;

8) Now you can start to add load to the bar

Remember: keep your torso straight, avoid rounding your back, and last but not least, do not do quarter reps!!!

Now that I have explained the execution, please be aware that If you have really tight hip-flexors, hamstrings and poor shoulder mobility, I'd recommend that you first work on improving these limitations.

Here's how you know: Can you sit on the floor with your legs in a V position and an up right torso while raising your arms and hold the position for 5 second without rounding your back or falling back?

If you answered NO, don't get discouraged. Find your weakness and make it your strength.

If you answered YES indeed, then go grab your spot at the squat rack and show me what you got!

Who can benefit from Z pressing?


From Strength/Power/Endurance Athletes and Bodybuilders to General Population.

You can also perform this exercise with different tools such as:

- Dumbbells

- Kettlebells

- Landimine

- Multi-grip bar (if looking for a closer grip option)

- Earthquake bar

- Water gallons (if don't have access to a gym)

The Z presses aren't intended to substitute your overhead presses, but more like an accessory option to increase your overall shoulder strength/hypertrophy while improving your core stabilization.

In the video below see me in action.

A1. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions on a 3011.

90-120 sec rest between sets.

If you are ready to train with me, feel free to contact me directly!

Stay tuned for the next one.


- Andrea Iwanejko -

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