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Physical fitness is one of my passions and I consider it vital to my lifestyle.  I was a member at a very elite Manhattan gym and decided to find a new personal trainer to match my energy level.  I notified gym management that I was looking for a dynamic, results-driven trainer and without hesitation, they introduced me to Andrea.


I have worked with personal trainers all over the US and Europe, and by far, Andrea is my true fitness partner.  His encouragement and attention to detail match my determination and tenacity. We have built a working relationship over the past 3 years where the physical results he has brought to me are unmatched. 


Andrea provides an unparalleled white-glove personal VIP touch.  During my international business travels and then with quarantine measures, Andrea accommodated my needs virtually and has kept me focused and accountable. 

– Rob Heyvaert –

Founder, Managing Partner

Motive Partners

Rob Heyvaert -Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym

Andrea has changed my life!!!

I'm a professional dancer and being in this industry I have always had a terrible relationship with my body image and food. 


It wasn’t until I met Andrea that I began to understand the mechanics of workouts and the science behind food and training.   


He changed my body composition and created a beast!

Ain’t no turning back now haha!


Go with DKO!

– Rolanda Catapano –
Professional Dancer with Bloc LA

Rolanda .jpeg
Fred C. Rich -Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym

Andrea is unique in combining technical knowledge at the highest level with infectious enthusiasm and dedication.

He plans our workouts carefully and intelligently, and cares about the results. I've worked with personal trainers since the late 1980's and he's the best of the lot.

– Frederic C. Rich –


Working with Andrea has had the single greatest impact on my life. From the very start, Andrea saw the potential in me and was determined to have me see it in myself. By approaching my training with thought, care, and professionalism, Andrea caused me to take my training seriously. As a result, I achieved fitness goals I’d never dreamed were possible, including placing 2nd in bikini bodybuilding competitions.

Andrea ’s positive influence goes far beyond his training programs and nutrition guidelines. Because of his support, encouragement, and, yes, tough love, I learned how to set boundaries and say no to things that cause me unnecessary stress. Having Andrea, who cares about both physical and mental health, as my coach has been invaluable.

Thank you Andrea, for always believing in me. I’m excited to see what we’ll accomplish next!

– Meghan Gleason –

Retail Manager

Bikini -Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym
Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym

Andrea has been my coach for more than five years, but a good chunk of that time he and I have trained virtually because of my frequent work travel. He’s been awesome at creating flexible programs for me and being incredibly responsive to my texts, IMs and emails. We share Google documents that I update with my progress, pictures and macros.

He keeps a close eye on my progress (or sometimes lack thereof) and reaches out to encourage (or prod) me. So when COVID closed down NYC we had some practice on how to train virtually.  We’ve kept in close touch the past six months, working on ways I could maintain my progress while having limited access to facilities. 

I watched his online sessions and followed the body weight only training programs he put together for me. With gyms reopen now, we’re back at full force workouts. Because it has been a while since I’ve been on a formal routine at a gym, we’ve communicated recently a lot about how to do a reentry, walking through my forms and areas I need to target. Most importantly though, during this pandemic keeping up a training program with Drew has been key to keeping my spirits up, energy levels high and motivation intact while quarantined at home. 

Grazie mille amico mio!

                    – Rob Rupe –

Partner, Bacchus Capital Private Equity

Writing this testimonial for Andrea is an honor as I will always jump at any chance to brag about him and his passion for what he does. For a few years I trained at the gym where Andrea worked, I would often train at the same time he did his own personal training sessions, I watched him move through each session with such focus and precision. The days I would show up to the gym at a different time I would get to see his sessions with clients of all ages and sizes, how kind and patient he was with each of them, how closely he watched their form and how he clearly tailored each client program to the needs/goals of that specific individual. It was quickly evident to me that Andrea wasn’t your average coach or even your average human being, I knew it was him that I would enlist to help me sculpt a body that I loved living in. 

Mostly likely I am just like you, a normal person with a full-time job that doesn’t make my living in the fitness industry. I’m a financial analyst in NYC, my job is very high pressure with long hours and a stress level that is overwhelming at times so I needed a training & nutrition program that catered to that. Every 4-6 weeks Andrea would write me a new program that was challenging, concise, effective and most importantly sustainable for my situation. He taught me what foods to choose, when to eat them and why. He would also frequently adjust my macros so my progress never stalled. The amount of effort he put into my success far surpassed what I ever expected. 

Fitness looks different to all of us, what works for you probably won’t work for me, we all have different goals, different metabolisms, different stubborn body parts, etc... so when you hire a coach, yes, you want someone that’s invested in their work but they also have to be invested in your personal fitness goal, they have to want to see you succeed just as much as you want to succeed. Your results are the product of a team effort and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing teammate.

 – Renee Jones –

Financial Analyst

Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym
Ronald H.T.jpg

I can honestly say, after a year and a half of training with Andrea consistently, my whole view of fitness has changed. For my body in particular (taking into account genetics which play a huge role), I am someone who needs structure and consistency to see results. Rather than constantly switching to new exercises or dramatically changing my lifestyle, we took small steps like keeping exercises consistent and focusing on progressive overloading. We first built a foundation of good eating habits and then we started to drop them as we cut. All of these small steps helped teach me the importance of small changes which lead to the long term results most are looking to see. 



The cut was definitely the hardest part and I’m so glad we built the foundation of good habits because there were so many times I wanted to give up, but Drew would check in with me and remind me to stay strong, and I would even remind myself that I’ve come so far and can push past this phase to truly get to where I want to be. Andrea was always there for me, even at the tail end of the cut when I became a bit moody lol. He’s the real deal and I’m so glad I chose to work with him! I feel and look better than ever and am so grateful to you Andrea!

– Ronald Hinton –
Actor, writer 

I have worked with Andrea since May 2016. At that time I was having considerable pain in my hip. I was able to do strength training with the accommodations Andrea made. I subsequently had surgery to repair an avulsion to my hamstring in April 2017. This required me to stop training. I was not permitted to put any weight on my leg for eight weeks. When I was able to return to training in September, Andrea was very attentive to my safety as I recovered. Through working with him I was able to return to 100% mobility and strength.


I am extremely grateful for his caring attitude and his enthusiasm for my determination to regain and augment my fitness. I am a skier and hiker and can truly say that without my training with Andrea, I would not be able to be pain free and fit to pursue these activities now at age 71 in 2020.


During this Spring when locked down because of COVID, I worked with Andrea successfully through Zoom sessions. He is a gem!

– Barbara Lehman –

Personal Trainer - Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Bodybuilding - Weightloss - Nyc trainer - Luxury - Elite - Fitness coach - Gym

Today the fitness industry is full of influential role models, which makes it really difficult to differentiate between a good coach and a coach who just gives you a meal plan and a low calories diet. 

Any coach can make you lose weight, but not just any coach teaches you to eat without having to sacrifice your favorite foods and still get the results you want. 

I am a witness that Andrea is an excellent coach who is always available to answer your questions.

His Knowledge on how to improve the composition of your body without having to eat the typical low-calories diet has been instrumental to my progress.

– Maria –

Fitness Enthusiast

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